Are you looking for a flat to rent in Pardubice, in a better standard than in cheap lodgings?

Without any further investments, at a reasonable price, without any agency fees?

Please read carefully all the basic information about the rental, and if you are interested, contact us on the e-mail provided below.

The cost of the rent will be provided for the specific flat that is currently free for rental. The price

depends on the location, size and equipment of the flat, and on the number of persons who wish to

live in the flat.


Basic information about renting flats by “Lepší ubytování s.r.o.”

(better accommodation)

  •  We are renting nice fully furnished and equipped three-room flats in Pardubice
  •  We are not a cheap lodging facility, hostel or dormitory! Our flats are intended for long-term rental.
  •  We offer whole flats, which can be shared by several persons. We do not offer rental of individual rooms.
  •  The rooms are not walk-through; each of them has its separate door. Most of the rooms have two beds, but there are also several single rooms. This depends on the size of the specific flat and on the size of the rooms.
  •  The flats and the rooms are clean, tidy, with internet connection; all the equipment is new or as-new – in good condition.
  •  Each of the rooms is equipped with quality beds, chests, wardrobes, tables and chairs.
  •  The flats are equipped with a kitchen unit, refrigerator, washer, cooking hob, microwave oven, and an electric kettle.
  •  The flats are strictly non-smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse (including marijuana) in the flats is forbidden.
  •  We rent our flats only to well-behaved people who respect the equipment as well as other inhabitants of the flat and house, who keep the flat clean and tidy and respect the basic rules of hygiene.
  •  Our tenants are requested to sign a standard contract complying with the laws.
  •  Foreigners will receive documents needed for registration with the foreign police department.
  •  We have a strict “once and enough” policy, which means that if anyone breaks the rules known to him/her beforehand, we immediately terminate the rental. We do not wait to bad things to happen twice. We make no exceptions.


If you are interested in renting a flat, send us an e-mail to, we will respond with information about the flats that are free at the given moment and links to view photos of the flat. Of course you can come and see the flat in advance if you wish.

Current Offer

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